Basic Skin Care



A good daily skin care routine can really work wonders for the overall quality and texture of your skin while enhancing elasticity, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Cosmetic scientists differentiate between two classes of skin care products over – the-counter – ‘ cosmetics ‘ and ‘ cosmeceuticals. ‘

Cosmetics are officially defined as articles… applied to the human body… to clean, beautify, encourage appeal, or improve the appearance.” Examples include basic moisturizers. Cosmetics, strictly speaking, should not contain any ingredient that affects the structure and function of the skin.

Patients frequently inform us that they are uncertain about their skincare routine during a skincare consultation. That’s easy to understand. You may ask yourself if your skincare is actually working, or if it’s all an elaborate marketing gimmick. Other common questions we’re asked include “what’s best for my lines and wrinkles?” and “which is the best age-prevention strategy for younger skin?” Then there are more specialized questions, such as “is my moisturizer’s SPF15 a sufficient sun protection?” Or “is an over-the-counter vitamin A cream good enough, or do I need a prescription tretinoin (vitamin A acid) cream?”

Many of our patients are suffering from skin problems like breakouts or hypersensitivity, and wondering what skin care regime would have a good anti-aging effect without upsetting their skin. Or maybe they need a skin condition treatment and wonder what skin care is best to use with it. Our Aesthetic Dermatologist is more than happy to answer all your skincare questions in clinic.

Why not make an appointment with our aesthetic doctor to have a relaxed chat about your skin and learn what’s best – and what to avoid – to keep a healthy, younger-looking .

Dr.   is in a unique position as a medical doctor, a dermatologist and a cosmetic scientist not only to diagnose and treat skin diseases, but also to educate you personally on all your skin care and beauty needs. We’re really a true one-stop skin clinic.

We can advise you which skin care over – the-counter is scientifically proven to work for your skin type and if over – the-counter skin care is not sufficient, we can provide a prescription cream or other medical treatment. We want you to be happy in your own skin.