Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff affects a large number of people at some point in their lives. Since its main symptom – the accumulation of white flakes of skin – is highly visible and difficult to hide, it can have an adverse effect on psychological well-being. The itchy scalp that often accompanies dandruff can also prove very unpleasant, and subsequent scratching can exasperate the problem. As such, a timely and effective dandruff-control treatment is essential. A specially formulated shampoo such as Revalid Anti-Dandruff Shampoo can help to alleviate the problem.

There are two types of dandruff. Dry dandruff is characterized by a flaky scalp whereby fine white or grey flakes are shed from the head. This can be caused by a predisposition to dry skin or by using excessive heat or harsh products on your hair. Oily dandruff, on the other hand, is caused by increased sebum production, triggered by an overproduction of the yeast Malassezia. Here, the flakes are larger, darker in color and more difficult to remove.


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